This weekend is the African Cup of Nations final!

That’s not what I want to talk about but I am glad I have your attention.

And now I would like to divert your attention to this video I found this week- it shows a very skilled little boy who shows off his basketball trick shot abilities:

I guess this proves once again that I am easily wowed. I recently wrote a blog about us taking the time to marvel at the many wonders we are gifted with every moment of every day. A blog to which I received this message in response:


With that I would like to take my challenge/encouragement a step further. Previously I asked us to take more time to look around and take in the many beauties and blessings we have here on our beautiful continent. This time, let’s not stop there; let’s take extra time to take in the one who created it all. God took His time to place the sun just far enough from the earth to provide heat and light without incinerating it and all its creatures. All the things that wow you – thank Him for it and let’s celebrate.