Satisfaction is a word that very few people can give testimony to. Everybody always wants somebody else’s everything by wanting to be like that somebody.

Let’s take hip hop music for example. With it being so big and culturally influential, it seems like every ‘G’ and ‘homie’ wants to be the next Jay-Z!  The reality however is that just because you like listening to KRS-One or 2Pac it doesn’t mean that you can rap.

I get to listen to a lot of aspiring rappers and a big shout out to them for representing the culture. I however agree with my boy Cream of Flow Motion’s sentiment that “perhaps you’re a more gifted listener and supporter of the culture than the rapper you think you are”. In case you’ve missed it, it’s ok for you not to be a rapper. It’s ok to simply be good at being you and sometimes, it means NOT being a rapper.

So because I said rapper, you think this post is all about hip hop and dissing wanna-be rappers. That’s where you get it twisted. Check it out; as much as many people would like to be the CEO of a big corporate company, they’re simply not gifted to do so. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot be a brilliant receptionist, for example.

Many people struggle in the area of satisfaction and always want to be or do what others have. I reckon satisfaction is found in fully understanding and embracing your identity because it gives you purpose.

Perhaps you need to stop rapping and start being a supporter because that’s what you’re truly good at.

Bottom line is we’ve all got that something special about us, something unique that the next person aint got!  So, rather than trying to be good at something we’re not, why not focus our energy on stuff we’re really excellent at?!  It’s time to be uniquely you!

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