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My story

Coming home at 6 am from a crazy night of partying about 8 years ago, I still lived at home so my mother was up getting ready for work and the look of sadness and hurt on her face when she saw me in my drunken state was something I will never forget.
The reason this impacted me so much was because just months before I committed my life to God and went on a discipleship training school ( DTS ) with Youth With A Mission ( YWAM ) my experience there was so amazing and God instilled so many dreams in my heart but when I returned home I had no friends that had experienced what I did, in fact, none of my friends really understood or cared about my experience. So when I returned to normal life I was not strong enough to resist what I thought I didn’t want anymore. Sadly I went into a downward spiral of partying, drugs, sex and the rest, even though before I was saved I did those things, this time it seemed so much worse because I knew the calling I had on my life and I knew better but rebelled and still did what I knew was not beneficial for my life.
That day I came home in the early hours of the morning was a defining day for me because I realized just how much my actions were breaking, not only my heart and spirit but also my mom’s. When she left for work that morning I broke down in a way I never had before, suddenly shame and guilt riddled my mind and I was overcome with sadness and disappointment at the person I had become. I sat in the lounge and started thinking the thoughts that maybe some of you reading this could relate to  – maybe If I wasn’t here anymore the pain would go away, maybe if I wasn’t here I wouldn’t be able to hurt any more people.
So I started googling ways to end my life but at the same time I was doing this I saw my mom had a playlist of songs from Hillsong church that she had been playing before she left for work. Something in me just felt like pressing play, in an instant of listening tears started streaming down my face in an uncontrollable way. I knew that God was calling my heart back to His. In a complete and utter surrender because I was so desperate for my life to change I worshipped God in my lounge that morning and in the same breath I felt to contact someone at Hillsong church who could help me. Within minutes somebody phoned me and asked me to come grab a coffee with them. That following Sunday was a defining day for me as I recommitted my life again to God and have not looked back since.
This is what I want you to learn from my journey:
  • God is the God of second, third, fourth….. chances. He NEVER LEAVES US! Even when we reject him the minute we draw ourselves near he is there waiting with open arms to our cry.


  • I felt like I wasn’t good enough for God. unworthy to even ask him to save me but in my desperate surrender, I felt God say to me that there is NOTHING that could EVER separate me from his love. and in that surrender, God created such a desire in me for worship. What is it that God wants to show you for your future that you are holding back because you feel unworthy?


  • I felt extremely lonely, feeling sorry for myself. My perspective was not open but the minute I stepped foot into church God opened my eyes and allowed me to see that not only can I be apart of a community but that I was not the only one going through hard times, lack of identity, insecurity etc… my loneliness quickly turned into an urgency to let others know that they are not alone.


  • I can come as I am.  As soon as I walked into church I felt God whisper to me, come as you are. I had a lot of issues, faults, sins, and lists of things I had done wrong but God did not care about those things and it did not require me to be perfect before I came to church, in fact it was the opposite. I could come just as I am, broken, alone and desperate. That day God took my heart and started healing it as well as molded me into all he intended for me from the beginning.
What I was not aware of back then was that God died not only for my past sins but for my future ones as well. The blood that Jesus shed on the cross was so that we could live in relationship with him for eternity. It simply is not about what we can do or can not do to get into Gods good books, it’s all about what Jesus did on the cross and that he died so that we can have life, he rose so that we can have the holy spirit to walk with, talk with and guide us through this life until we live with him in heaven.

How can we say Christianity is the only way?


How can we say Christianity is the only way when there is so much division and disagreement amongst Christians in various denominations? Join us as we discuss this further. (PS – We’d love to hear what you think, so drop a comment if you’re keen! If you’d like to catch future episodes, simply subscribe to our Youtube channel here.


A life of significance


Do you ever wonder how it is that your life could possibly make a difference or whether the life you lead is of any significance? Maybe not everyone is that deep but I am a thinker and I often ask these questions. Is the way I live impacting others for good or in my case showing people Jesus as I aim to imitate Him the best I can every day.

No doubt I fail every day as much as I try not to, but I believe as long as our hearts are pure and have no agenda to get to a “higher status”, so to speak, then really that is where I want to be in my life. It’s not so much a case of wondering am I leading a life worth following, it’s more am I happy in my own skin? It’s am I content with the season I am in? It’s am I in right relationship with God? For me if I can answer yes to these questions then I know that whether or not I am being influential or not, I am more importantly being true to myself and to God, the two most important people to ever try to please or make happy.

Out of living this way I believe that without even trying you will lead a life worth following or a life that inspires others. Why? because it is your life, your story, something that is unique from everybody else. The way I live my life will be out of my experiences, failures, success and life lessons.

So I leave you with this if you are learning from your failures, staying humble through your success and looking at life as one big lesson then I would like to encourage you that you are already leading a life worth following. A life that is inspiring; a life that is worth it!

Just a few things that I have learned in my 29 years of life that could help you to recognize whether you are living up to all that God has called you to be.

1: Do you know who you truly are in Jesus Christ? – do you have a personal relationship with Him?

2: Do you have a healthy perception of yourself – what do you see when you look in the mirror?

3: Are you content with where you are in your life – do you strive for other things all the time or wish to have what someone else has?

4: Do you have a vision -for where you want to be in the next 5 years?

5: Do you have dreams? – are you dreaming big?


Click on the link below to find out more if you would like to lead a life of significance.

What if you could take 1Africa where ever you go?


What if a place existed where all people could gather?

A place created to harness and showcase the creativity and innovation of the millions who frequent it. A place that draws out compelling and real stories of a continent so rich in culture that the world draws inspiration from its wealth. What if at this very place, people could keep their fingers on the pulse and be kept inside the loop of entertainment, politics, technology and pop culture, while at the same time be taken on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awareness.

What if this place was real and what if this place could help us all get connected to a real love, a real sense of redemption and salvation, a real God. What if this place did exist and what if you have already arrived, right here, right now. Online.


What if we told you, you could take 1Africa with you where ever you go by downloading these amazing backgrounds.

Download the links below and personalise your phones and computers and start a conversation.

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You can help stop human trafficking


The scourge of human trafficking has been grabbing more and more headlines the last few years – to the point where we can no longer stand by in silence and simply watch these dark crimes unfold.

Enter The A21 Campaign – an organisation that exists to abolish this injustice in the 21st century. A21 is a non-profit organisation who believes that we can end human trafficking together.


Human Trafficking is the illegal trade of people for the purposes
of forced labour and sexual exploitation. As the world’s fastest growing criminal industry, it affects every nation across the globe, and is also defined as modern-day slavery.

With this in mind we’re happy to report that the new South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line, operated by The A21 Campaign, is now live. This line is a national collaborative initiative to report, respond to and ultimately eradicate human trafficking in the country. 

The line, which takes calls 24/7, can be reached at 0800 222 777. Call Specialists are specially trained professionals who follow international procedures, ensuring the fastest response to each case.

The Resource Line works in close partnership with many stakeholders to ensure rapid response and effectiveness.



When should people phone?

To report suspected trafficking of persons and submit a tip. This can be done by speaking to one of our call specialists or by completing an online tip form. All reports are confidential and you may remain anonymous.

You can also call in when you or someone you know requires Victim Assistance.

If you think you are a victim of trafficking and need help, call specialists are available to guide and support you while connecting you to the necessary partners and emergency services.

You can visit the NHTRL website to learn more about how you and your loved ones can protect yourself whilst traveling or applying for work or educational opportunities, and about online safety measures.


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line

Instagram: @SA_ResourceLine

Who is the fairest of them all?


In the mood for some fashion therapy?

The Varsity College Cape Town’s Mr & Miss VC Fashion show took place on Monday, July 25th at Stardust, and of course 1Africa was there to share in the action.

With family and friends around to support the models, there was a sense of excitement and nervous energy amongst everyone attending. I was not sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the evening – both in terms of the talent, the dancers, and the models.


The models were all Varsity College students. They modelled in various categories, and took part in a question-and-answer session, where they had the opportunity to win over the hearts of four judges – and of course the crowd – with their answers.

I thought everyone did a great job, but one girl stood out from the rest: Her name was Suzelle, a beautiful, tall blonde; a young and vibrant 21-year-old with more wisdom than her years. She spoke from the heart and her answers were not forced but clearly came from a place of passion and experience.

At the end of the evening, the time came to choose a Mr and Miss VC – a guy and a girl who stood out from the rest; who wowed the crowd and who were the most confident and comfortable in their own skin. The guy was a handsome chap names Alex – and the girl, to nobody’s surprise, was Suzelle Roux.

Optimized-collage 2

Ultra Music Festival 2016


What do you do when the world’s premier electronic music festival rolls into town? You drop what you’re doing and go check it out, of course!

The 2016 Ultra Music Festival was, yet again, one for the books, featuring some of the world’s best DJs and jaw-dropping production at locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  Naturally, the 1Africa gang was right there to capture the action – check out some of the pics below.

1 Africa logo 1

1 Africa logo 4

1 Africa logo 6


[flickr_set id=”72157662969984463″]

Passion 2016


On Saturday, 13 February, 30 000 believers from all walks of life packed out the Cape Town Stadium for a historic night of worship.

Their goal? To lift high one name: Jesus.

Check out some pics from the event below. Were you around? Share your experience in the comments section!

pic 9

pic 3

pic 11

[flickr_set id=”72157664037464249″]



The Burger Festival


The 1Africa team recently got to attend  The Burger Festival, hosted by Flavorful Events in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. With some of the best gourmet burgers in the Mother City on display, the atmosphere was inviting to say the least – and let’s just say the whole experience of going to each burger stall made us very hungry! It also made choosing a burger hard, as they all looked and smelt amazing.

Of the many burgers we could choose from, the Fat Harry’s selection stood out to us – probably because they were absolutely huge (and when you’re hungry, huge often wins!).

Check out the pics – and, of course, the burgers! – below.

[flickr_set id=”72157662392701774″]

SA’s Power Couple share their secrets

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we caught up with South Africa’s very own Power Couple winners, Emile and Razia Samson, for a quick chat about their experience on the show and, of course, some relationship advice!

Tell us about your experience Power Couple SA?

Razia: It was a phenomenal experience for us. We had a chance to shut out all the noise of life and spend time together.

What did you learn about yourselves and each other?

Emile: It affirmed for me that Razia is a strong and resilient woman. I have learnt that she is truly God’s best for me and that I am so blessed to have met her all those years ago.

I also learnt afresh that I have limitations and strengths within my make-up and it gave me an opportunity to come to a place of contentment with who I am, and who God has designed me to be.

Razia: It definitely taught me to face my fears, to always stay true to yourself no matter what, and to treat others the way you would like to be treated.  I learned that Emile would always have my best interests at heart regardless of the situation. He is consistent, loves unconditionally and has a strong drive to succeed, yet stay grounded. He is the most patient person I know.

What does true love mean to you? 

Emile: True love is making yourself less so that your partner can be more. The success behind this, however, is that this attitude needs to come from both partners. If this is a mutual view both partners in the relationship will win. Striking a balance in this is not easy, but crucial.

Do you think Valentine’s Day puts unnecessary pressure on people to find that special someone? 

Razia: I think in today’s climate people are a lot more individualistic and independent in their thinking. However, if we submit our thinking to the ploys of aggressive marketing campaigns from some shady commercial enterprises, this may make us feel the pressure of Valentine’s Day a bit.

How do you, personally, feel about Valentine’s Day?


Emile: I have absolutely no opinion about Valentine’s Day. Razia and I, however, do not celebrate it.

Razia: Each to their own – It is not something we partake in.

So what will you be up to on Valentine’s Day? 

Emile: It will be on a Sunday so it means we’ll be spending it with our Joburg-based family and our three beautiful daughters.

What do you think are the secrets to a healthy relationship? 

Emile:  Focus on treating your partner with gentleness, kindness, and patience. When you fail to be this person, just apologise, pick up the pieces and continue to refocus on treating your partner in this way.

Razia: Love without limits. Communicate with your partner. Make sure that you understand each other and that you are on the same page. Don’t go to bed if you have unresolved conflict.  Have date nights at least once a month so you can spend quality time together. Never speak badly about your partner to others.

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