A month ago I decided to take a social media sabbatical. You may think it’s quite a drastic move, but I was becoming more and more aware of the fact that the only reason I was posting online was to impress others. My motivations had become skewed, and as much as I wanted to convince myself that the number of likes wasn’t affecting me – it had started to affect how I thought about life. So I deleted my apps and went dark.

Another reason I decided to press the ‘mute’ button on social media is the chaotic bombardment of opinions being shared by others. I recently heard an interview with Trevin Wax where he spoke about the danger of the ‘Share’ button on Facebook. For many reasons, people share articles (fake or otherwise) that reinforce their view of life – without internalizing and self-actualizing the situations addressed.

Activism has never been more flippant or impersonal. The range of opinion is dangerously broad and even if there is some view that I agree with, it is unlikely that it is completely applicable to my own life and perspective.

It’s a tragedy to watch our generation get caught up in the rhetoric of the day – completely consumed emotionally and intellectually with issues that they have had no first-hand experience in.

Just because a whole lot of people share or agree with something doesn’t make it right.

Truth has become completely relative. But there is a way of measuring truth – it’s in the outcomes. If you base your life on the preferred facts, you will be able to live in the moment. But what will last? What will allow your soul to truly prosper if you live like that for longer than a year?

Now I am by no means asking people to give up and live oblivious or disengaged. But I believe that we can slowly be lulled into agreeing with the masses without even realizing that our thoughts have been dictated by others. Is your opinion truly your own? Not based on something you’ve ‘researched’ online, but actually engaged with tangibly.

Let’s use a current subject to demonstrate. I can have a million opinions about Donald Trump. But until I am physically in the country – directly affected by the decisions he has made – how would I confidently be able to accuse him of anything? You might cite some live coverage. You might say that the news has reported something. But how do you know that everything has been accurately contextualized? Are you willing to consider the possibility that he is doing his best? Are you willing to consider that there might be improvements that are being delivered? How would you be able to say there aren’t?

I believe that it is high time we upped our levels of skepticism when it comes to what is found online (this article included). If we don’t determine what is in the real world and what will simply stay virtual, we will be known as a generation who thought much, reacted passionately and built nothing.

Don’t be fooled. Everything you read is not true. And even if it’s true, it doesn’t mean it has to dictate how you think or live.

In order to be grounded, we need to have authentic connection outside of the online platform. I believe the best place to start is by having an authentic relationship with God. He made you – He’s actually the most real thing you will ever know in your lifetime. Not only is He loving, kind and full of vision for you personally, He also gives you wisdom to discern what is worthwhile and what is simply chatter. If you would like to connect with Him – click on the link below to find out more.

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