tom cruise

Fans of the Mission: Impossible franchise will, I’m sure, be celebrating the release of the latest picture Rogue Nation, which sees Tom Cruise reprise his role as Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent. Those who’ve followed Cruise’s career with keen interest will know that he is the consummate professional who loves to do all his own stunts. Mind you, a lot of the stunts we’re talking about here are death-defying, high spectacle ones – deep into the realm of “kids, please don’t try this at home”. Before I get carried away, if you haven’t seen the trailer for Rogue Nation, we have it for you right here on 1Africa.

There’s no doubt that after watching any M: I trailer, you’re literally left on the edge of your seat, eager to grab your ticket.

I read over the weekend that, for the latest installment of M: I, Tom Cruise took his gutsiness and daring to a whole new level.  According to Business Insider, “at a key moment in the movie, Cruise…has to dive into an underwater safe to retrieve the computer chip that will lead him closer to the film’s villain. Along with having to hold his breath the whole time, he must keep away from a large crane that’s circling around the safe… The stunt first required Cruise to jump off a 120-foot ledge (the bottom was all CGI, but he really did the jump)… Then, in an underwater set that was filled 20 feet high with water, Cruise had to hold his breath as he acted out the scene.”

In usual Tom Cruise fashion,  he was the one actually doing the stunt. He held his breath for 6 minutes in order to pull it off. So into his character and performance was the superstar that he even had stunt coordinator, Wade Eastwood, worried and concerned. At some point, Business Insider reports, Cruise came dangerously close to passing out.

If this isn’t commitment to one’s calling and area of talent, then I don’t know what is! When you look at your life, are you committed to what you’re born to do to the extent that you would even put your body and life on the line for it? Sometimes, the real reason for our halfhearted approach to life is because we don’t actually fully know what we’re here for.

At 1Africa, our belief is that we can only truly find our purpose in God. He gives meaning to everything in us. Once he has helped us see what our purpose is, we can then be so passionate and engaged that we will, like Tom Cruise, be willing to give our all. If this post has inspired you to ask yourself some challenging questions about purpose and commitment, please click on the banner below.

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