“You have to know you’re a slave to be free” is a quote I came across recently and it really challenged me. It’s basically saying that unless we acknowledge we are slaves to something, we can never be free.

That is confronting, isn’t it? Well it got me thinking….with everything that is happening in our world, I think many people are finding themselves caught upcontrolled and bound by ….FEAR. Nasty four letter word fear is but if we are honest, it haunts us all at some point in our lives. Here are a few areas you may be a slave to fear in:

  1. Fear of lack – do you ever find yourself hoarding money or food or clothes? Do you sometimes get possessive over your things? If so, you may be a slave to the fear of lack.
  2. Fear of failure – do you only attempt things you are sure you will be good at? When is the last time you tried something for the first time? If you are often asking the questions “what if it doesn’t work?” and “what if I can’t do it?”, you may be a slave to the fear of failure.
  3. Fear itself – with all the tragedy happening around the world, we can become fearful of going on holiday or visiting a place that was previously a site of violence or natural disaster. If you find yourself being nervous and anxious about things you once found normal, you may be a slave to fear itself.

I love these words found in 2 Timothy 1:7 –

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

If you feel like you are living as a slave to fear, don’t be discouraged. You are not alone! We all face these things in our lives. So what to do about it?

  • Living with an open hand will dispel the fear of lack. Look for ways to share your food, give away some money or give your gently used clothes and shoes to a shelter. As the wise Jim Elliot put it, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” 
  • Trying something new will dispel the fear of failure. Make a deal with yourself that the winning is in the trying and give it a go!
  • Drawing close to God in prayer will dispel fear. If you’re feeling anxious to go on a trip or let your child play outside, take a deep breath and trust in God’s ability to keep you safe from harm. Do what you can to ensure safety and then say a prayer and live life.

I hope this helped you today. Let’s make a decision together, that we are not going to be slaves to fear but we will live in freedom and enjoy all that God has planned for us. You with me?

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