It’s one thing to be inspired and encouraged by someone’s lifestyle, but it’s another thing entirely when we start to clone their lifestyle and try to imitate them. You see it all the time in this day and age – whether it’s young girls going for plastic surgery in their earlier teens to try and physically imitate other celebrities, or people trying to imitate a lifestyle that they simply can’t afford. I have even seen people duplicate social media accounts pretending to be somebody else online.


People go to drastic measures – from plastic surgery to taking on financial debt – in order to live a lifestyle like somebody else. The sad reality is that some people believe that if they do these things they too will be happy, like the people they imitate. The truth of the matter is that they won’t find true happiness whilst trying to live somebody else’s lifestyle.


We imitate others when we forget who we are. Maybe we have never really liked who we are. Or maybe we do not recognise all the diverse, intricate details that make us who we are. Then we start to feel insecure, we become jealous, we get caught up in comparing and feeling like we are always getting the raw end of the deal. Because we feel lost in who we are, we tend to seek other things as a means of filling that void in our hearts.


In the Bible we are referred to as God’s masterpiece. We are a work of art. Created in Gods image. Designed with unique qualities, gifts, talents, and passions. In order to redefine our identity, we need to know who we are in God. This comes from being in a personal relationship with Him. When we get to know the heart of God, and become familiar with His voice and with His promises, we soon start to recognise our worth and value.

“Be who you are meant to be, and you will set the world on fire.”  – St Catherine

If God wanted you to be somebody else, you wouldn’t exist. But he wanted you! He made you to be you. Therefore embrace who you are, and celebrate that daily. If this post spoke to you, and if you want to know more about living in a relationship with God, then why not click on the link below.

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