So, this morning, as with every morning, I had my routine-read-through of Google’s selection of the world’s biggest news. The result? Well, among many important headlines relating to very real, sometimes very harrowing news stories, I found yet another somewhat equally harrowing article relating to an A-list celebrity revealing all, and I mean ALL, in her latest cry for media attention.

Now, understand, I am no prude. Not in any way, shape or form in fact. As a young woman in today’s society, I am however becoming increasingly saddened by what seems to be the ‘new normal’ where boundaries of human decency and just plain old modesty are all too quickly disappearing. Take this morning for example. I was reading an article by a very respected broadsheet newspaper in the UK. The article was by no means grimy or sexually suggestive, but at the bottom was a picture of this celebrity entirely naked, without even the usual ‘modesty blurring’ for its readers. Now, fortunately this has absolutely no effect on me(!) but what strikes me the most, is that this particular female ‘artist’ has in very recent past been idolised by little girls around the globe. Without a doubt this young woman is an influencer and as a result her behaviour is celebrated throughout the media. Behaviour that results in images, that once upon a time would have been kept exclusively for the ‘types’ of magazines that were frowned upon, now being in the public forum for all to see. Regardless of age. Regardless of anything.

For those who saw the VMA Music Awards this year, you will have certainly seen Nicki Minaj’s infamous “I-don’t-know-where-to-look-performance” of her new song Anaconda.  And, now again we see a recent music video release by JLo aptly called “Booty”. One guess what that song’s about. Any takers?

No doubt you will have also read, heard or even seen first hand the evidence from the recent iCloud scandal where some 100 household names were targeted and nude photos of them hacked and leaked to the press.  Leaving these women totally exposed (literally!) for their very private indiscretions.  Yes, it could be said that this was their own fault.  I think we all know that we live in an age where very little is ‘private’ any more.  And yet, with that said, still I ask, when did exposing things like this become some kind of sick voyeuristic ‘sport’? X-rated spectacles set alight on the public stage by the media for the world to see. Again, regardless of age.  Regardless of anything.

Now, I have absolutely no intention of throwing stones at any of the women involved here. Some of whom I myself admire.  Women who have been highly successful in their craft. I mean, hello!  There are some Oscar winners among them. But, it does all beg a few questions: “How far is too far”? and “Where is this going to stop and most importantly at what cost”?

I don’t fear the future but I do believe that there needs to be a major shift in this area of our society.  I’d even dare to ask that if our generation shrugs this off to the next generation (yes, these would be our children!) who as a result accept it as their ‘normal’, whatever is next? Sobering thought much? I think so.

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