An ancient king once composed a song. A song whose every note struck a chord that tugs at more than just the heartstrings of man. Rising in elation at times falling in humiliation, the song went on and on…an eternal romance. Almost stifled to a screech by life’s burdens at more than one juncture, out of the king’s belly came forth notes many a seasoned composer fails to pen. The notes looped by tears of joy and groans of sorrow, strewn across the sheets that chronicle a king’s days…our days on earth.

Gifted and favoured above kings in the art of war, his weapon of choice, a harp of ten strings. Releasing countless arrows swiftly proceeding to the very heart of the Creator. If ever there was one poetically gifted, King David would sweep up numerous awards hands down.

A lover and fighter, gentle and fierce, a paradox of sorts yet his song continues to echo through time, sung by every man or woman who has purposed to truly live through the good, bad and the ugly. In similar fashion, our lives undoubtedly rise and fall but whatever you do, may your heart never stop pumping your life’s song. Shout if you will, whisper if you may, hum if you so please or groan if life deems it so, but let the song play on.


In the words of the great bard, William Shakespeare, “If music be the food of love, give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”

I speak not of a somewhat disillusioned melancholic lover whose hope of capturing a damsel’s heart is deferred, but I speak of a much more adventurous pursuit of love that leads to an eternal romance. Love redeemed and redefined in both depth and dimension by a Lover whose desire is to be known and to dote on the one He loves. Like the ancient king’s song that never ceased to rise up to the Lover’s ears in joy and sorrow, in triumph and in defeat, in life and in death, in loss and in gain…may the songs of our hearts forever rise in praise and petition, in trial and thanksgiving, in sorrow and submission.

If music be the food of love…play on I say, for in the audience of Eternal Love, never can the music of a  contrite heart and pliable spirit, be in excess. Never will His appetite sicken nor God forbid, die.