More often than not, victims of abuse feel they deserve every bit of pain and humiliation they have suffered at the hands of their abusers. At first glance, abuse wreaks of some form of physical violation and we often forget that the wounds run deeper than the eye can see. Abuse often leads a victim to withdraw further and further within his/herself, into a place where he/she feels safe. The psychological withdrawal then translates to physical withdrawal in a bid to hide the signs and having to explain why “my eye is black” or why “I didn’t get the work done”.

Many times the victim feels, “No one will understand my pain”, “How embarrassing it would be if anyone found out”  or “No one would ever believe me”. After all, the world has its own fair share of problems and why would they bother listening? You may be a victim of abuse or perhaps you know someone who has been or who is being abused. Know this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So do not let guilt, shame or fear hold you back from reaching out for help, that you may find your freedom. Despite what has happened in the past, you can pick up the pieces and live again. If you need more resources to help a victim of abuse, please drop us an email on


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