I don’t know about you, but I love adventure. I find something extremely thrilling about venturing out into the unknown – seeing what will come of life, and what I will make of it. Even as a child, every river was a challenge to scourge and explore. Trees were meant to be climbed, and secret forts were meant to be built. I don’t know if it was because of the awesome literature I grew up on, or whether it was just in my nature, but I have come to find that all of us have some degree of thirst for something beyond ourselves.
Quest: the act of seeking (Latin: quaest – to seek)
We are all on a quest. You might not know it, but your whole existence requires a sense of explanation that will result in you making some pretty drastic decisions. Questions like, “who am I?”, “what’s my purpose?”, “do I matter?” or even “is life worth it?” can continuously shape how you approach life.
I remember a time when I really did not have any self-confidence and would run as fast as I can in any direction that gave me some sort of recognition. Some of the biggest regrets I have, come out of looking for my confidence in this way. Yes, I regret what I did, but the reason why I did them was the true root of the issue.
I’m sure you can identify in some way with this continuous desire to find answers about your life – to settle yourself with definitive descriptors that help you establish a picture of who you are meant to be. I’m sure you can also identify with how horribly wrong these quests can go…
Request: the act of seeking for something (Latin: requaest – seeking again)
I don’t know if you have recognised the etymology behind the word “request,” but I have found it has really helped me realise something about life.
A request in modern language is simply the act of asking for something. But in the original Latin, the root actually means to “seek again”. The fact is before we ever ask a question we tend to try to find it out on our own. Now, sometimes it takes milliseconds for us to give up – sometimes it takes years.
I have found it interesting how our generation finds it harder and harder to ask questions. We would rather Google something on our phones than risk looking a fool in front of people. But there is absolutely no shame in turning to someone for help when you cannot figure it out yourself. Sometimes there are things in life that Google, Instagram, or Facebook would never be able to answer – no matter how hard you try to make what they offer stick.
If request means to seek again, then I believe there is hope for all of us – in two different aspects.

  1. We can start over: We can start the search at the beginning – not retracing our footsteps, but simply beginning afresh from whatever situation you find yourself in.
  2. We won’t be alone this time: Some answers can be found in the people who love you the most. Others can be found in the sessions of professional psychologists and counsellors.

But when it comes to my life as a whole, I have found that there are some requests that even the professionals cannot answer. I have only begun to find out “who I am”, “what I am meant to do” and “why I exist” through asking God to show me. Take it from someone who should not be writing blogs, maintaining healthy relationships, or even be employed because I was so dysfunctional. I am a walking case of how different life can be when God takes you on the greatest quest ever – to discover life and what it can mean for yourself, as well as, the people around you. If you would like to make the best re-quest, click on the link below and start again. It may seem easier than you think, or too good to be true, but I am living proof that Jesus and the power of His transformative love are real and effective. I may not have all my answers yet, but I can tell you it’s the best adventure you’ll ever embark on!

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