Oh my gosh, I had to do my taxes this week. It was SUCH a nightmare. Like, seriously. Whoever knows how to do taxes? Not me. Why didn’t they teach us this in high school?”

“Dude, I dunno. I’m like SO over this whole thing. My car was broken into the other day and had to pay for a new window. It cost me R1000.”


“Yeah man. That plus electricity and water. I can barely eat this month.”

“Right?! Ugh, Adulting…overrated.”

This pretty much sums up some of the conversations I’ve had with others in my age bracket. Why, we ask each other is it SO hard being an adult?

Adulting is now actually kind of a thing. It’s a phrase which people use to describe doing “adult” things like car payments, 9-5 jobs, rent or, you know, making yourself dinner. People are popping onto social media and patting themselves on the back for being adult and brushing their hair, or their teeth. Made dinner which wasn’t hummus and carrots #adulting. I have clean laundry #adulting.

It’s hilarious, but also disturbing. When did growing up become optional? I mean, imagine your Mom holding a coffee cup and wearing a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Can’t adult today’. It wouldn’t happen, the generation before this one was far more mature.

We’ve been spoilt, you see. Our generation, or the Millenials as they are referred to, have more opportunity and options than any generation in the past. As women we are able to demand equal paying jobs and we don’t have to find a husband so that we can eat. If we are smart we are able to create a career out of something we love rather than being ushered into nursing, teaching or administration. So because we are so sheltered the little normal steps of being a grown up have now become a BIG DEAL.

I mean really. When did being able to put your washing into a washing machine become something which you are proud of? Let’s just take a step back here. 1. You have a washing MACHINE. 2. You have clothes. Why are you complaining?

The ironic thing about the adulting hashtag is that the people who are so very proud of their amazing adult feats are actually the ones who aren’t being that adult after all. The single Mom who is raising 4 children on 1 salary, she doesn’t have time to say how adult she is when she counts out the bills at the end of the month to make sure there is enough. The person in India whose family has saved all their life so that she can go to college to get a degree isn’t complaining about adulting – rather she feels the privilege and weight of the opportunity to learn and gain more responsibility.

It is possible that our problems are not as big as we think they are and we require some perspective?

Complaining gets you nowhere

The thing about life is that complaining about things, no matter what they are, will always get you nowhere. God spoke to the Israelites in the Bible and told them clearly to stop complaining. Why? Because it’s pointless. It also showcases an attitude which is not grateful. What if, instead of moaning about having to put your clothes in a washing machine, you were grateful for the fact that you have a washing machine? Wouldn’t that make more sense considering the world of injustice and lack that we live in?

Immaturity doesn’t look good on anyone

I hate to break it to you (and me) but taxes and rent are a part of life as a grown up and no matter how much effort it may take to “adult” they are not going to go away. Why don’t we change up the game, chose a good attitude and decide to embrace the responsibilities that come with life. Immaturity doesn’t look good on anyone and the world needs more people who are mature, not immature.

How about this, next time we get the urge to either complain about how hard our lives are, or share how impressed we are because we made scrambled eggs, why don’t we stop for a moment and rewrite our words so we say something of value which makes the world a better (and yes, more adult) place.