There is a lot going on in the world right now. From terrorist attacks through to turbulent political climates globally, it is a very interesting time to be alive. But as crisis grows and systems begin to fail, there is a very exciting thing that becomes possible: Reform. It is something that is birthed from the frustrations and errors of our present, and pushes humanity forwards like nothing else can. History has shown how social order has been radically changed through the cries of those who have been persecuted or undermined.

As much as everyone is crying out for reform on a national, social, and even global scale, I believe that reform needs to be addressed on a personal level before looking for it somewhere else.

Reform: To reshape from the beginning for different results.

One thing that we can control is our own receptivity to change; to change for the better. Personally, we all know crisis as well, whether it’s high stress levels, health issues, relationships, self-confidence, fear, frustration and anger, or even indifference. As much as we want things to change externally, I have found that all of us can use crisis to help us reform inwardly.

The Bible uses the analogy of a potter creating a jar. While the potter is busy making the vessel, the clay can sometimes buckle or weaken in certain areas. But because it is still malleable, the potter can start again, taking those things into account, and adjust what the vessel may look like. I don’t know about you, but I have been desperate for a personal reformation: a reshaping of how I live internally with different external results. I have been extremely busy – and my health took a really big knock because of the way I was approaching things. Some of my fundamental decisions had been made more out of fear or old concerns that I had grown past years ago. It took being sick four times in two months and being completely bed-ridden for a few days for me to reassess how I was living internally – the structure of how I was thinking.

Many times, I have found people think that they are past the point of no return. That they are too far gone… Too much has happened. They believe that they (as vessels) are already hardened and set. But I can tell you that who you are is still malleable.

So, if you are in need of a personal reformation, it is very possible. If we see ourselves as the clay, however, we need to recognise that we are going to be shaped by what we allow in. You could recognise that fear or frustration or pain from your past has shaped who you currently are. But there are other things that can shape you: hope, patience and love.

I know that there are a pair of trusted hands that can shape you into someone beyond your wildest dreams. If you would give God the chance, I know He could reform your soul as He has done mine. If you give Him control, you can take the pressure off and follow someone who sees everything – what’s ahead for you and what you have been through. If you are tired and need change, this is honestly the best opportunity to see what God is capable of in your own soul. Check out how you can do that below.