In a day and age where everything seems to be simpler, faster, more efficient and more reliable, there are still a few things that we seem to over complicate. One of the biggest things, in my opinion at least, is Christianity. We need A SIMPLE GOSPEL.

To outsiders, Christianity often seems like it’s so hard and takes so much effort to be a part of, mainly because there are so many “rules” and “regulations” to follow.  These “rules” and “regulations” have unfairly painted a picture of God to that of an old man with a wooden stick,  sitting on his thrown in heaven,  finding pleasure in punishing those who have stepped out of line. He isn’t relevant and real to those people, he’s just another “person” telling them how messed up their lives are.

But that’s where we have gone wrong; you see Jesus didn’t come to give us rules to follow, but rather to destroy the rules that keep us from having a relationship with a relevant God.  That’s what makes Christianity a lot simpler than it seems.

All Jesus asks is that we love him with all our heart and love others as we love ourselves; it’s as easy as that. The bible doesn’t say that only those who look and act a certain way have access to God, instead through Jesus, we are all accepted!

That’s what I love about this one minute rap, it reminds me that we don’t need to over complicate things, the gospel of Jesus is short and to the point, its black and white.

Our lives need to be an example to others of how Christianity isn’t over complicated or hard, but rather that its foundation is love and that having a relationship with Jesus is the most natural and normal thing we could ever be a part of.

So here is my challenge, just love Jesus and let him handle the rest. He wants to have a relationship with us that isn’t complicated, one in which we can freely communicate with him and allow him to lead and guide us.

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