The world of celebrity has reached crazy standards this last year. In an industry where people are seen as role models just due to the fact that they are famous, the cracks have already begun to show.

From the fallout people like Chris Brown and Rihanna to the celebrated honesty of Demi Lovato, the world of stardom has shown the ugly underbelly of idolizing people who are just as broken and desperate as ourselves. Fame has become a burden more than a blessing for many. Justin Bieber took a long time to navigate the realities he faced. Kanye’s recent breakdown and the cancellation of his tour is a fresh reminder of the pressure and fallibility of the human condition when – more than ever – the whole world is watching.

In the recent MTV Video Music Awards, however, there was a moment of clarity that is rare in today’s media. In 2014, Selena Gomez revealed that she had been diagnosed with lupus – which incorporates many diseases to do with the inflammation of skin. Side effects, however, are depression and anxiety. In August, Selena cancelled her world tour to tackle the emotional side of her diagnosis. And in her acceptance speech for Best Female Pop/Rock Artist, she opens up about her struggle.


Honesty trumps image every time – even on a stage where everyone is fighting to be memorable. Selena’s sincere moment was a complete ‘blindside’ amongst all the crazy and sordid moments that preceded and followed. She even alluded to the fact that she doesn’t mind if people don’t believe her.

As one of the most successful female stars in the industry, it must have taken a large amount of bravery for Selena to stop and address her own demons. The world today is obsessed with what we do – rather than who we are. The fact is, what the world sees is only sustainable longterm if the source is looked after.

How is your soul? Are you feeling the weight of keeping everything together while struggling internally? The burden will just get heavier. As Selena Gomez says, “You don’t have to stay broken.” There is a God who shoulders our burdens and cares about who you are before anything you do. If you are looking for a way out – for support that will enable you to find strength – click on the link below.

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