How awesome to observe the life of Jesus.  For a few seconds let’s look at the human side of Jesus. Here is a man that healed and helped so many strangers that did not know HIM nor did they believe HE is who he said He is. He handpicked His followers and demonstrated His divinity by performing signs and wonders in front of them. Not only did His followers betray and deny him, the people who he healed and helped ended up shouting “kill him”.

One would expect that He would have bitterness, anger and resentment like many of us who felt betrayed and hurt. Nope! Not Jesus.

After He appeared to his disciples for the second time at the sea where they were fishing, He displays once again His character of love, humility and kindness.

Here is Jesus the man that was murdered, betrayed and denied and yet his followers find Him barbecuing on the beach with fish on the coals and bread for them after they spend all day working trying to catch fish (John 21 v 9). How awesome! Making a meal for those who ran when the going got tough.

We can certainly learn from this wonderful man Jesus. Whenever I feel hurt by those around me and even loved ones I think about Jesus. To come back from death most super villains would come back with vengeance according to our cartoons and our heroes of today. However Jesus came back still a servant unto the people even to this very minute he stands in heaven pleading the case of each of us.

Seriously! It does not end there, even better still.  The most mind blowing part is that after all He still manages to give us a gift, Holy Spirit the unseen powerful force that keeps us comforted and helps us in our daily life.

How can I not bleed with love for this awesome wonderful man called Jesus?



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