Why do some women always sport effortlessly beautiful locks for days on end and yet some don’t? Why does some girls’ hair look like roadkill and others’ as though they are headed to the Oscars? Here are six things you are doing wrong with your hair;

1.Shody wash jobs

With whatever you are using to clean your hair, your usual shampoo or DIY wash, it’s just as important to clean your hair as it is to remove all the build-up on the scalp thoroughly. The build up suffocates the hair follicles leading to dry frizzy, brittle hair!

2.Towel drying your hair

This seems so appropriate, but many of us handle it so poorly we should stay away from it, when hair especially treated hair is wet, its at most vulnerable, it prone to breakage with the slightest roughness, we pull it back and forth many times when its very entangled when drying it, the hair breaks quit easily in addition to being over dried. Dry cotton t-shirts are much effective because unlike towels, they leave no lint in your hair.

3.Not Moisturizing the Ends of Hair

This can’t be stressed enough. Not moisturizing the ends of your hair is a major cause of breakage. Its reason why you think your hair isn’t growing. Moisturizing the ends of your hair is just as important as moisturizing your scalp, and for some people, even more important so your hair doesn’t consistently look, feel and be dry and ultimately break.

4.Over working your hair.

In trying to keep appearances, you stock shelves of styling of product like mousse and gel, heavy pomades, you wash your hair, heat dry and curl it every morning, and its okay, but you see all this overwhelms and disrupts the hair’s natural mechanism of protecting itself. Each strand of hair has a natural oil barrier, which protects it and keeps the natural sheen. This goes away with constant washing, over styling, gels, over combing or back combing because, with this dryness and friction, hair ends unravel and slip. Girl give your hair a break!

5.Bad ponytails and buns habits

Sure a nice ponytail can make you cute, even shade a few years of you. But you’ve got to be extra careful with them. Extra tight and frequently adjusted buns don’t stop at extending your hairline but also break the hair at the edges, stay away from using rubber bands plastic and metal clasps to hold the pony especially on wet hair.

6.Not covering your hair when going to bed

Wearing a nice hair net before your sleep not only can help you keep you hair style longer, but protects your hair from that dry cotton pillow case that dries and tangles your hair, that it just becomes cumbersome when you try to style in the morning. Alternatively, wrap your hair around your head and tie a silk or soft satin scarf over it.

Source: africanwomanmagazine.net


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