Life can be crazy sometimes… Or most of the time these days. I have found myself driving a whole lot more recently and I have needed something to keep me sane. The world is full of noises and you can choose to listen to so many. There’s radio, music, audio books, or silence.

Recently, however, I have been listening to some awesome podcasts and it has really been helpful. It’s pretty awesome to take “dead time” and actually do something that helps you progress rather than just be. You may look at the list of podcasts I listen to and say that they wouldn’t apply to you… I know they are all about leadership, but to be honest if you are going to achieve anything in life, you will have to lead – whether it is at work, your family or just yourself. So maybe invest in your leadership before you needed it. This continent needs strong leaders more than ever! Maybe include yourself in the answer.

So here are a few excellent ones I would recommend:

1. The Leadership Momentum Podcast

Set up by an awesome financial consulting organisation, this blog is insightful and draws from a large amount of leaders in the business, psychological, and ministry worlds. Don’t let all the advertisements put you off – there is absolute paradigm-shifting gold in these interviews!

2. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Andy Stanley is a world-renowned voice on leadership. He has written many books and facilitated some of the best leadership seminars in the world alongside people like Desmond Tutu, Simon Sinek, and many more. He has a great way of reasoning and speaking big-picture about specific topics. If you want to be inspired to rethink the way you lead yourself or others, this is a great place to start.

3. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

This has been the most practical, helpful podcast I have listened to ever. Craig Groeschel has built the largest church in America in a very short time – he speaks about how to grow culture, deal with challenges personally and in a team, as well as giving very helpful advice from a Q and A section. If you are committed to grow, you should be listening to what Craig has to say!


4. Brian Houston Leadership Podcast

I might be biased because this is my pastor’s podcast, but Brian Houston has done the journey of life – growing a ministry that reaches hundreds of thousands of people every week. He interviews leaders as well as turns the spotlight onto himself in a way that is vulnerable, but extremely pastoral. If you want to know how a leader deals with life personally before working with others, this is the podcast for you. You don’t have to be perfect or have it all together all the time to lead effectively. This is a great model of what true leadership is.

I hope that you are inspired to check at least one episode out – whether you’re going for a run or driving a long distance, sitting at home and need a break from the screen or on your lunch break at work. I believe that Africa needs leaders to show our changing world how to move forwards. I believe in myself. I believe in you as well. Maybe take some time to dream and invest a little in yourself. You never know where you may end up! Can’t wait to watch all of our stories unfold!

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