The Question of His Existence

We’ve all had questions about God’s existence. Our question is not merely about God’s existence but His existence in relation to us. What is the significance of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I grew up hearing about God and watching Christian films. I never really questioned the existence of God but His existence made no difference to my life until I desired to know what this God thought of me and how His existence affected mine. The day my knowledge of His existence became personal it changed my whole world. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus was no longer just a distant tale, it was a story about a great God who was passionate about having a personal relationship with me. The Bible no longer seemed like rules and regulations but a window into the heart and nature of God and an invitation to a life filled with purpose.

 The Question of Identity

The question of identity seeks to know – How does this God see me? When you discover how God sees you, it begins to affect how you see yourself. Personal identity is something I struggled with growing up – I felt as though each social group I belonged to was expecting me to be a certain way so that I can somehow fit in; but something about that didn’t feel right to me. Why did I have to think, act and talk like someone else in order to validate my worth? In my relationship with God, I discovered a truth that brought me great confidence, freedom and joy – that truth was this: I was never meant to be like anyone else. I am unique: radical, distinctive and without equal. The more I get to know God in a personal way, the more I see myself the way He sees me. I find the freedom to be who He created me to be and I do not look to anything or anyone else to validate my worth.

The Question of Potential

There are many stories in the Bible where God would tell people of all the amazing plans that He had for them. They would often respond by saying that they were too young, too old, too insignificant or that they lacked eloquence. God often responded by reassuring them that He would be with them wherever they went and in whatever they did. Their confidence would be in Him and not in what they could naturally do by themselves. I’ve always believed that God designed each of us perfectly so that we can accomplish the things that he has placed on our hearts and that we are responsible to grow in our skills and maximize our potential. Having said that, the thing that stood out about the great men and women in the Bible, wasn’t that they were talented, charismatic or capable, but that they fully depended on God to do their assignment well.

We have all asked these questions at some point in our lives. We often ask ourselves or we ask each other. Perhaps we would arrive at our answers a lot quicker if we just asked God. If you would like to know more about this, click on the banner below.


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