So, since the last time I graced this space with my ‘bloggery’, I said ‘see ya later’ to my single-lady-status and became the happy Mrs to my Mr.  For the record, marriage is very amazing.  I love it.

Maybe strangely to some however, I never really ‘over thought’ this thing called marriage before I said “I do”.  Despite the maaaany well-meant pieces of advice we received before Simon and my wedding day, marriage was something we figured that we would just figure out together.  Like I’ve heard so many times in my life,

..this, Melanie, is a marathon not a sprint,

with no finish line in sight, the metaphorical sneakers came on and we hit the road, in it for the long run.

Of all the things that were spoken, emailed to me, posted on my Facebook, etc.etc.etc. one particular blog has stuck with me.   A few days before I walked down the aisle my brother-in-law sent the following blog link to me.  By no means the Dr Phil/Oprah/Life Coach TED talker, this is a regular guy speaking very honestly about the two marriages that have failed in his life.  I know, that’s right, failed.  That being said, we’ve all heard the old idiom that ‘experience is the best teacher’ and the fact is, so many respected commentators have attested to this very thing.  C S Lewis himself wrote, “Experience: the most brutal of teachers.  But you learn, my God do you learn”.  I dare to say that if this the case then this guy, who calls himself ‘Single Dad Laughing’, could therefore be considered case in point maybe?

So rather than add anything else, as but a newbie to wedded bliss, I’ll let ‘Single Dad Laughing’ do the rest of the talking.  If you’re married, maybe these are things you’ll read and think “well, duh!” to, but then again maybe not?  And not-yet-marrieds? Well consider this a little bit of pre-wedded-primping.  Like so many did for me, a little piece of advice passed on from this new Mrs to you.

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